Benefits don't cover basics

People with Parkinson's and their carer partners are struggling to afford the basics.

Heating and food aren't luxuries, they're essential, especially for someone with a long-term condition. 

After years of inadequate financial support, the Parkinson's UK advice service has seen a steep rise in people asking for help applying for benefits. 

The benefits system is broken and it's not helping people who need it.

Will you write to the Chancellor and call for more financial support for people with Parkinson's?

A quarter of people with Parkinson's who responded to our recent cost of living survey told us they were struggling. Of that quarter:

  • almost 8 in 10 said they would turn on their heating less frequently during winter to save on fuel costs
  • a third are having fewer meals to save money
  • half say that their symptoms have been made worse by their financial situation

Yet benefits are still too hard to get.

Many people are unaware what they can claim, and those that are claiming still can't make ends meet

Apart from a six month extension to the Household Support Fund announced in the Budget - a fund that 80% of people with Parkinson's have not even heard of - the government has made no further cost of living support available. We don't think this is good enough!

If you think the government must offer more support to help people with Parkinson's, please complete the form and write to the Chancellor to urge him to take action.