Don't pile on the pressure

The UK government wants to limit people with long term condition’s access to important financial support. The Disability Benefits Consortium and Parkinson's UK are calling on the government to scrap this change.

They’re asking them find jobs working at home or work more hours which for many is not possible. One person said: 

"When I was working full time and struggling to do full time, you’re thinking you've got to keep going, you've got to keep going. So, you know, stress makes your symptoms worse. I found [it] made my symptoms worse.”

Please tell your MP that the government can't keep piling on the pressure.

The government are proposing changes to how Universal Credit is assessed.

The changes could mean people with Parkinson's are denied crucial benefits they need. 

Their assumption is that the rise in home working has made things easier for people with long term conditions. 

However the reality is not that way, home working is not feasible for many people. Due to their home environment, the terms of their job, or the health.

Many jobs still require in person working with a recent research saying that 49% of working people spend three to five days in the workplace a week.

Flexible working isn't a right protected by law at the moment either.

Even worse people with Parkinson’s tell us that they have experienced disability discrimination in at work. And that their symptoms have worsened in stressful situations.

Your MP needs to know that the changes to Universal Credit are piling on the pressure for people with Parkinson’s.

Please write to them today. You can find out more about the Disability Benefits Consortium here.