Every minute Counts

People with Parkinson’s need their medication on time every time. Shockingly, across many hospitals this isn’t happening. In 2022, just 42% of people with Parkinson’s got their medication on time.

Anna, whose husband has Parkinson's, shared that he didn’t get his medication on time in hospital. 

After seeing the impact this had on him, she told us: ‘I live in constant fear that Samuel is going to have to go back to hospital.’ 

Will you help us make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else?  Please complete the form to write to the Minister with responsibility for patient safety and urge her to take action today.

People with Parkinson’s should be able to take their own medication, if they’re able, when they go into hospital. Yet, 1 in 4 NHS trusts in England do not have policies that allow people with Parkinson’s to do this.

Hospitals should have e-prescribing to make sure medication can be delivered on time, but despite 81% of NHS trusts in England having e-prescribing systems, only 58% are using it to report on whether people with Parkinson’s receive their medication on time. 

Staff in hospitals should understand that people with Parkinson’s need their medication, or they will become more unwell. Only 52% of NHS Trusts in England require their staff to be trained to understand time critical medication.

We need government response to this urgent issue that is impacting the lives of people with Parkinson’s. 

Please write to the Minister with responsibility for patient safety today.