We're still waiting

The NHS Long Term Workforce plan for England promises to deliver some positive things for people with Parkinson’s - more doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. 

A 15 year plan, over 151 pages it promises more medical school training places, career progression for nurses and changes to help even out standards of care across the country. 

However, it’s missing key details on how people with Parkinson’s specifically will see their access to healthcare improve.

Will you remind the Health Secretary that we Can’t Wait any longer?

The NHS workforce plan released at the end of June delivered some of our key campaign calls: 

  • promises more medical training and university places, guaranteeing healthcare for the future 
  • pledges better career pathways for nurses to encourage them to stay in the NHS

  • commits to addressing the postcode lottery people experience when trying to access different types of doctors, nurses and therapists. 

But it’s missing specifics on how people with Parkinson’s will be able to get better care, now and in the future. It’s missing reassurances that people with Parkinson’s won’t get left behind. 

Will you tell the Health Secretary that people with Parkinson’s Can’t Wait any longer?

Will you tell him we need to know: 

  • how specialist care for Parkinson’s will be prioritised in the plan
  • that we need better data on how many Parkinson’s doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff there are in the NHS
  • how local healthcare systems will be funded and empowered to deliver the best possible care for people with Parkinson’s